Wool felt - wool plaid

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Wool felt in natural merino wool colour. 

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  • Naturliga ull färg

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Material 100 % europeisk merinoull
Ulltäthet 500 g/m2
Färg ecru

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Mjuk ullfilt / ullpläd i naturlig merinoullfärg.

Very comfortable light felt made of European merino wool. Perfect for chilly summer evenings
when resting outside or relaxing on the couch during other seasons. Works great
as a bottom sheet or duvet as the wool's properties improve sleep quality.
Wool products are particularly recommended for people with allergies to feathers and mites.

Merino wool products are characterised by a very high absorbency (up to 30% of its own mass) without giving the feeling of dampness.

Wool is very comfortable and healthy for the body. The wool fibre is extremely sensitive to temperature differences. It shrinks in the cold and expands in the heat, making it warm in winter while cooling comfortably in summer.

This product is approved by the Polish Register of Healthy and Biomedical Products.

Belongs to a category of medical products used for rehabilitation and prophylaxis in cases of stroke sequelae, osteoarthrosis, infections of the arms and legs, rheumatic disorders, circulatory disorders and other immune-related problems, among others.

The product is accompanied by a product description with all information regarding washing instructions, storage, product use, etc.

See CERTIFICATION, Woolmark certified

This product is particularly suitable for people suffering from rheumatism and those who consciously choose a healthy and wholesome life. Our knitted wool products are recommended for prophylactic purposes and promote, among other things, a really healthy rest.

In addition, these products promote the healing process of
- joint and spinal disorders,
- rheumatic complaints
- neuropathic pain
- sequelae of injuries
- kidney problems
- thermoregulatory disorders



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Har haft filten ett tag nu. Den är mycket behaglig och klifri. Har senare även köpt filtar till dottern och sonen som har tyckt att tidigare täcken varit för varma eller kalla, men de har varit mycket nöjda med dessa.

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Wool felt - wool plaid

Wool felt - wool plaid

Wool felt in natural merino wool colour. 

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