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Merino wool pillowcase - Raw wool

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Merino wool pillowcase 

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Material Örngott - 100 % merinoull,

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A merino wool cushion, elegantly edged with a ribbon
The upper and lower surface of the pillowcase is made of soft, smooth wool in its natural colour without pattern.

Merino wool products are characterised by a very high absorbency (up to 30% of its own mass) without giving the feeling of dampness.

The wool is very pleasant and healthy for the body. The wool fibre is extremely sensitive to temperature differences. It shrinks in the cold and expands in the heat, making it warm in winter while cooling comfortably in summer.
The highest quality wool comes from a breed of sheep called merino. Merino is the name given to the fine and particularly soft wool of the merino sheep and is considered the ultimate seal of quality. This high quality wool is very elastic and can be stretched into fine yarns. At the same time, the wool is very dense and crimpy and is best suited for warm, soft and thin garments. Because of its special properties, merino wool is the best protection against the cold. It does not irritate the skin, but subtly massages the nerve receptors on the body's skin. Reduces tension and pain.
Eliminates the harmful effect of plus-charged ions that cause fatigue and headaches

See CERTIFICATE, Woolmark certified

This product is particularly suitable for people suffering from rheumatism and those who consciously choose a healthy and wholesome life. Our knitted wool products are recommended for prophylactic purposes and promote, among other things, a really healthy rest.




Har hört mycket om ull och dess egenskaper men ändå blev jag förvånad. Det är mycket varmt på nätterna just nu så jag blev lite förskräckt när jag fick kuddfodralet. Den är väldigt ullig och såg riktigt varm ut. Jag tänkte att jag kommer att svettas ordentligt. Men döm om min förvåning då den varken blev varm eller kall, bara lagom. Det blir nog mer ullgrejer i sängen för mig i framtiden :)

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Merino wool pillowcase - Raw wool

Merino wool pillowcase - Raw wool

Merino wool pillowcase 


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