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Seat cover for the car of merino wool

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  • Naturlig färg merinos

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Material 100 % merinoull, bomull
Storlek 40 x 100 x 2 cm

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Merino wool car seat cover, 40 x100 x 2 cm
soft and healthy, promotes driving comfort, double-layered peruvian wool and cotton, the filling consists of a heat-insulating layer, sewn-on rubber straps allow the seat cover to fit all types of cars.
Anti-rheumatic seat cover recommended for joint and spine problems.

The highest quality wool comes from a breed of sheep called merino. Merino is the name given to the fine and particularly soft wool of the merino sheep and is considered the ultimate seal of quality. This high quality wool is very elastic and can be stretched into fine yarns. At the same time, the wool is very dense and crimpy and is best suited for warm, soft and thin garments. Because of its special properties, merino wool is the best protection against the cold. It does not irritate the skin, but subtly massages the nerve receptors on the body's skin. Reduces tension and pain.
Eliminates the harmful effect of plus-charged ions, which can cause fatigue and headaches.

In addition, the wool has health-promoting properties for joint and spinal disorders, rheumatic disorders, neuropathic pain and thermoregulatory disorders.

An anti-rheumatic product, Woolmark certified


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Seat cover

Seat cover

Seat cover for the car of merino wool

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